Why Online Relationships Can Work

Since online dating is set in the virtual world, there are a lot of people who are sceptical about online relationships. They think that online relationships can’t pass as legit relationships because their relationship doesn’t undergo the usual struggles and enjoyments of a normal relationship, but that is simply not true. There are a lot of online long distance relationships that ended up in marriage and long term. Some met online at the most unexpected places and had the most unexpected conversations that blossomed into a wonderful relationship with each other. Here are the reasons why an online relationship can work, amidst all the unbelievable odds.

1. Technology Wise, it’s workable

- Not like before where two people can connect cross country via short love letters, today’s generation can use the internet to connect to their love one without any hassle. They have a lot of social networking platforms to choose from where they can video chat or instant message each other without the feeling of discontentment because they are a million miles away. Though there will be problems, like they would want to walk in the park together, but it can be fixed buy a daily dose of “them time” and a lot of communication and it can be a breeze.

2. It depends on how much you love the person

-No matter where the person is, if you love him or her, distance won’t matter. You’ll do everything to keep each other no matter how far the two of you are. You will have the same hopes that someday, when the perfect time has arrived, you can both be together in one place and enjoy each other’s company. It really depends on how much you love a person. If you do love a person so much, breaking-up or giving up is never an option.

3. It is also based on the normal principles of A normal Relationship

- Trust , commitment , love, and friendship are the things you need in order to make a fun, and strong relationship with another person. Same goes with having a relationship online. You have to trust your partner that he or she loves you even if they are far away, and they are committed to make the relationship work by giving you their time of the day. It is also based in love, how much you can be selfless for a person who is very far away from you and the friendship that where everything started.

4. The Mystery Of Meeting Together For The First Time clings

- This maybe one of the reasons why you also want an online relationship. And that is the thought behind the increasing things like match.com membership prices. The idea of meeting each other physically for the first time is quite exciting. It is very different when you talk to a person online and when you actually meet them in person. The idea of you feeling the chemistry with each other is rather appealing and the fact that when you hold each other for the first time is like falling in love all over again is something to look forward to.

Music Is For The Soul

The songwriter has his own story when he writes a song, and the listener also has his own story that is somewhat related to the lyrics of the song. Isn’t it amazing to have such connection? Often times, people say that once you view a song playlist of a person, you are basically reading his diary. Songs usually represent us, the way we feel and the stories of our lives. Music is for the old and the young, it is for all people of different races and beliefs, it is for the rich and the poor, it is for the sick and the healthy, and it is for everybody. There are a lot of musical genres and each individual has his own preferences, sometimes it depends on his mood. If a person feels gloomy, he usually listens to soft and emotional tracks that would match the way he feels at the moment, and there are times when he feels so happy and he listens to bright and upbeat songs. Here is our official site for more detailed info for BLINK 182.

Music plays a huge part of people’s lives for centuries now, it is everyone’s escape when facing problems and everybody’s run to in celebrations. More often than not, we think of music as a relaxing way to ease our minds, feel comfortable and erase all the negativities of life that we are facing day by day. For an example, whenever a couple breaks up, each of them plays songs for the heartbroken that can often be associated to whatever happened in their relationship. A lot of artists also made money from these kinds of songs namely the very popular Adele and Taylor Swift, who both wrote the lyrics of their songs based on the experiences they had with their former partners. Some consider it a bitter revenge of someone who had her heart broken, but for those who can relate to it, it is their way of comforting themselves and a way of making them think that they are not alone and others are experiencing the same thing that they do. It also serves as an inspiration to them, that something better is in store for them. Adele is a very good example, when she got popular; people say that whoever got her heart broken made her rich. For ordinary people, it is very inspiring. Music, regardless of genre, is so widely accepted that there can be no party without it. Even centuries ago, ancient people had applied music when they were having feasts, thru the use of older versions of drums and other musical instruments. People still carry that tradition these days, the only difference is the mode of playing it. Today, technology is so advanced and music can be played anywhere and anytime with portable mp3 players, radio, television, computers, mobile phones and the like. During birthday parties, weddings, school events, music is always incorporated to keep the mood up. This is a way to make guests not feel bored.

Music industry will only have nothing but advancement in the future, its doom is unlikely. For as long as people have feelings, they will always turn to music to liven up their moods.

Ask Her Out On A Date

Whenever you see the girl that you like, you would first think of her answer if ever you would ask her out. You might be afraid that she will reject your offer and that is why you will just step back and probably gather your strength to ask her out next time. Of course, it would not be easy. You would think of your pride that much, you would not want anyone to crash it down. But don’t you know that you are already stepping on your pride if you choose not to ask her out? Think about it. You are with the girl of your dreams, and as a guy with so much pride, you must have the confidence to ask her out on a date. Do not think of anything else. Just go and pop out the question, “Can we go on a date?” If she does not want to, then fine. Be cool about it. You must not put yourself down just because of her answer. If she agrees to go out with you then good for you. All you have to do now is to look for a place where both of you can hang out. Think of places where both of you can enjoy each other’s company. Do not just think of yourself. If you enjoy watching basketball games and she does not, then do not buy tickets for a live basketball game. If you think that she loves watching movies and you also love watching movies and it so happened that there is a good movie showing in cinemas, then go buy tickets for that movie. If you want to talk and get to know each other a little better, then go have dinner together. Find an intimate restaurant where the sound system is not too loud. Just enough for you to be able to hear each other. Whenever you engage in conversations, always be polite. Listen to what she says because that way, she will also listen to you. Make sure to talk about stuffs that would not bore her. Do not talk too much to the point that you never let her open her mouth at all. Remember, you are on a date wherein you get to know each other. It is not an introduction speech wherein she gets to hear all about you and you do not give her the chance to speak. When the date goes well, ask her if she would like to go out next time. You will know if she enjoys your company if she would answer yes to your question. And when she says no, you may ask for her reason in a polite manner. Do not lose hope right away. Maybe she has an appointment on that day. Nevertheless, be yourself and be a gentleman. That way, she will be able to get to know the real you and would appreciate you more as a person. Do not put a lot of pressure on her. Take it easy. Do not rush on things. They will all fall into place if you really are meant for each other.

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